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The easiest way to find them is to email us.

The second easiest way is to use the Search functionality of our site.

Look at the extreme right of your screen for a loupe...click to open the search window. Type your search word. For example, one may be interested in photos of Hawaii. Typing and selecting the word Hawaii will return:

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For the search to “find” what you want, one has to assume that all the pictures have some “metadata” and that it is correct. Sometimes that may not be the case. And Search will return NOTHING. A good time to email us and ask.

Thanks for searching.


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With thousand of pictures... where are they? http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/1/with-thousand-of-pictures-organization-time Unlimited storage may mean unlimited disorganization

We have been shooting with cameras for over 100 years, between Louise and me. Fortunately, all the bad pictures are now lost. We prefer to think that the one we have are the good ones!

Still, between the scanning of older prints and the shooting of new images, the inventory goes up. Baby pictures, trips and landscapes, street shots, the list goes on. (I am using the word pictures to include videos, when necessary.)

Zenfolio just published a book – Zenfolio Book for Photographers which helped me to make some decisions about photo storage and organization.

Look and Feel

We are not professional photographers, but we strive to create good pictures and we hope that those friends whom we share these have a good experience and will come back to see more.

To achieve a good experience, the site that contains the pictures must reflect on vision and who we are. The look and feel of the site is really telling who we are, both in words and in pictures.

Finding Pictures

We currently have over ten thousand public pictures. Not that many, but enough to get lost looking for something that interest you, our friend.

These pictures are currently organized as:

Under each main entry, there is a hierarchy that captures additional details like:

Under the U.S. National Parks you will find Collections or Galleries like:

Note: this last screen shot is from the public web site. The preceding ones were from the management side of our Zenfolio site. The hierarchy is displayed on the menus:

When time is limited, this type of organization requires too many clicks to find pictures you may be interested in!

Invitation to see pictures

Most of the time, we invite our friends to see some recent albums we prepare from a trip. This invitation may look like:

Unless one has time, or wants to find something specific, a quick slideshow will complete the invitation. Why would one go back to the main menu… and try figuring out what to look for? If you are curious, this is the Main Menu:

FEATURED may be a good way to start as we constantly update the Galleries and Collections in this menu.

RECENTLY ADDED will show you our latest additions. You may have missed some invitation, time to catch up.

Enjoy. Thanks for watching.

Coming next: Using the Search tool.





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It has been over a year... http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/1/over-a-year-of-silence Discipline. The common criterion of success in any endeavor

I failed on that count.
For months, we have shot pictures, travel many kilometers, enjoyed good time with friends… and we only have shared a few galleries – well captioned by Louise. But I lacked the discipline to expand these galleries with blogs to express thoughts not conveyed in the pictures.

2013 was a year of decision

Let’s reflect on 2013. It was a successful year, with two trips up North, visiting our families in Burlington and Vancouver.

It was a successful year as our physical and financial health remained excellent. It was also a time of decision.

While we were dead against having two places to live, we now feel that it may be the best answer to putting a square peg in a round hole:

We are Canadians. Our families live in Canada (Jérôme’s brother is in France). Being in Mexico is great, but it is very far from Canada, for sure.

After thinking on our various options, we have decided to become summer birds: have a cozy chez-soi in a quiet area of Mexico, to spend the winter, and spend our summers in Canada, with Louise’s family in Québec. 

Our "Florida" room in the house in Jocotepec, Jalisco.

No picture from our apartment in Québec... But we are looking for something like:


2014 a year to recharge

Since we left Canada in 2007, our lives have been chaotic, adventurous, unplanned, full of trips, travels and visitors.

With our move(s) in 2014, we already feel that we need time to settle, enjoy the song of the birds and start a slightly more organized life. A few months in Mexico, a few months in Québec, a few months traveling.

That lifestyle may support a better discipline, and lead to better pictures, and blogging more often.


jeromechboyer@gmail.com (Jérôme - Louise Boyer) Jocotepec Mexico Québec discipline travels http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/1/over-a-year-of-silence Fri, 24 Jan 2014 17:01:58 GMT
Digital photography and Kodachrome slides http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/digital-photography---kodachrome-slides We have thousands of slides. Some, the best, are Kodachrome. And many Ektachrome, no name brands, even Polaroid instant slides.

All share a common quality: they remind us of events, people and places we enjoyed in the past. Of course, we are biased in our keeping those pictures that remind us good times, and discard those which are not.

I titled this blog Digital photography versus Kodachrome as I would like to make some remarks on what has changed, in my perception, since the advent of digital photography.

When we started shooting Kodachrome, as my Dad did just after World War II (all his slides have been lost, I believe), the process was simple: shoot, pray the gods of photography, send to the nearest Kodak Lab, and after a while, get 24 or 36 cardboard mounted slides with the processing year and month (not the actual date) stamped on it.

Then we would select on a light table those keepers from a roll. We knew the cost (high) and keepers were high to match; waste was expensive. Not sure that yesteryear keepers are today's selection. We would strain in selecting the good slides; 35 mm is not very large.





On long trips, a full month or even two could pass between taking the picture and seeing it on the slide. Funny how memory works, though. As we remembered then what lead to shooting the photo, we remember now the same conditions; or at least we think we do.


We would invite family and friends to watch a slide show using Carousels and a slightly more advanced projector and subject them to many pictures... too many, in retrospect!




Digital is about now!

While we are lagging our children in instant uploading pictures, we are still fast on the track of taking the shots, reviewing them on the camera screen and few hours later on a larger PC screen. Within days, the keepers are on the Web, somehow.

No light table, no cardboard, no expensive Carousels, nor Ektachrome projector and screen.  The pictures now go from camera's memory to the Web (or hard drive) in a few clicks of a mouse. They are virtual. They never exist beyond the digital language of zeros and ones.  The process is so fast and short, the actual shooting quantity is so large that one can wonder about the memory or recollection on the details surrounding the pictures.

Some of our friends still print many digital pictures to put them in cardboard albums. Weird, at first glance. Very rational, when one realizes that these physical albums are the continuation of the physical slides and prints of the past. Printing gives those pictures reality. They now exist in a physical, tactile and visual senses. Their virtual origin is lost, now being cast in paper.

Scanning is the reverse process, as we give digital life to physical slides (and paper photos) -- and this process triggers memories and sometimes the desire to go again to these places we love. We are finding that the time from slide to scanned image is long (8 minutes per slide), but, in many ways, highly rewarding as the final quality, after so many years is outstanding. With over 4,000 slides to go, we may go back and get a light table to reselect before we scan. 

A before and after Kodachrome below. Can you guess which is which?


















A recent scanned of a 1977 Carousel - Enjoy.

jeromechboyer@gmail.com (Jérôme - Louise Boyer) Kodachrome slides http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/digital-photography---kodachrome-slides Fri, 28 Sep 2012 17:02:08 GMT
Zion National Park http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/zion-national-park Imagine a hand almost the size of France, miles below the Four Corners (Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado) slowly lifting sediments deposited in the North American inland sea and sand dunes of a desert like the Sahara created eons ago. Slow as it went, it raised the Plateau by over 10,000 feet (3,000 m.) 

Colorado Plateau

A series of coincidences has created the beautiful, savage and hostile landscapes we now explore in National and State Parks in these four southern States.

The most interesting coincidence is the fact that the hand lifted the Plateau in one piece, and at almost exactly the rate of water erosion in the Plateau.

Zion, our last National Park visited this trip, is a great example of this coincidence. (And so is the Grand Canyon -1977.)

The tiny Virgin river and its tributaries, is responsible for carving a half-mile deep gorge in Zion National Park. As the Plateau rose an inch, the Virgin river dug an inch too... slowly gouging the rocks around to leave peaks and mesas as colourful as they are visually impressive. The water followed the cracks created by tectonic forces and the ridges of ancient dunes sculpting stunning mesas, criss-crossing them as giant checkers.

Virgin River Zion NP

Zion is a "look up" park. Bryce was a "look across", and Canyonlands was a "look down" park. In Zion we are seduced by the closeness of large mesas, showing checkered erosion lines like nowhere else. Old dunes feel like new, with sharper slopes, and  showing their curved lines.

Zion NP

We are in the canyon, following a steep river surrounded by rock walls covered by desert patina, red ochre and deep black. The springs are all over, as this is the rainy season, bringing flowering plants in these water logged oasis.

It is easy to feel that this is a comfortable place until a flash flood raises the water level by 15 to 30 feet, rushing with boulders the size of a large house and destroying everything on its path. We were lucky enough not to experience it; the Park had to close a few times because of these flash floods.

Louise is really tiny compared to the great canyon walls

We have been to Zion National Park in the 70's Zion 1977, before the shuttle...,  in 2007 and now in 2012. We certainly prefer Spring or Fall visits. This year, it was August, and we shortened our stay because of the unpleasant 40 C (100 F) humid heat at noon and the crowds...Even evenings are warmer that we care for.

Pretty warm

jeromechboyer@gmail.com (Jérôme - Louise Boyer) Four Corners Zion NP http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/zion-national-park Thu, 27 Sep 2012 23:17:28 GMT
Scanning Interlude http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/scanning-interlude The recent visit to Zion National Park, in 2012, reminded us of our first, in late Spring 1977, 35 years ago.

Zion NP

As I fiddled with the scanning parameters, trying to extract pixels, not dust nor grain, I was surprised by the quality of the outcome.  The camera was a Konica, with Automatic Metering, but manual focus and I cannot remember if I had more than the standard 50 mm lens on it on that trip.

Of all the Single Lens Reflexes (SLR) we owned (Konica, Minolta, Canon), it is the one that took the most pictures before the advent of D... SLR. Earlier Canon DSLR were very close.

Zion NP

Today, I feel that the Canon 7D with a 24-105mm zoom is reminiscent of that early Konica from the 70's. The Zion blue skies are always a treat. Deep blue with touches of white. When storms are roaming, the carved details fade away, leaving only shapes and forms.

Zion NP

The interesting part is that the passion we (Louise and I) had for landscape photography has not abated over the years. When I look at these slides, I can visualize the images that took anchor in our memory; and why we return to these landscapes over and over.

Sometimes I wonder if we made progress. Of course, we now have a trailer, instead of a tent, tablets instead of paper notepads, digital photographic equipment and many other goodies that we could not dream of in the 70's.

But are our artistic senses better? Do we look and see these unique landscapes in ways which are more refined, telling more to those who look at our pictures?

This gives me food for reflection. We are now planning a longer Western trip in 2013. These scans and how we compare what we saw in 1977 and today will serve as guideposts for what we can see and do then.

The issue is not better quality (nice to have), but conveying beauty, immensity, and the urge to go and visit personally now.

We hope you will enjoy the three galleries that you can reach by clicking on the pictures above.

jeromechboyer@gmail.com (Jérôme - Louise Boyer) Zion NP http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/scanning-interlude Mon, 24 Sep 2012 19:39:27 GMT
Bryce Canyon http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/bryce-canyon  

National Parks have personalities. Many visitors flock the most visited, going from view point to viewpoint, with few realizing that most of the parks are a reflection of geology and climate.

Les parcs nationaux ont une personalité. Bien des visiteurs affluent dans les plus visités, passant d'un point de vue à l'autre, sans réaliser que les parcs reflètent leur géologie et leur climat. 
Bryce Point

Thus the personalities. While Bryce Canyon is on the same Colorado Plateau as Arches or Capitol Reef, it is unique: hoodoos and deep green conifer forests make the canyon amphitheatres a continually changing and extraordinary spectacle.

Ainsi, chacun a son caractère propre. Alors que Bryce Canyon est sur le même plateau du Colorado que Arches ou Capitol Reef, il est unique : aiguilles et forêts de conifères vert foncé font des amphithéâtres du canyon un spectacle sans cesse changeant et extraordianire.

Bryce Canyon


From the morning light, to the awkward noon sun and to the softer late afternoon skylight, a photographer just need to be there, imagine and shoot.

De la lumière du matin au soleil intense du midi, à la douce luminosité de fin d'après-midi, le photographe n'a qu'à être là, imaginer et prendre une photo.






Bryce Canyon


Looking a bit more to the right...or to the left... or in the morning... the shapes, colours, shadows and sky reveal vastly different perspectives,  all linked in great circle extending to the horizon and detailed sculptures carved with droplets of rain, snowflakes and frost.

En regardant un  peu vers la droite... ou la gauche, les formes, les couleurs, les ombres et le ciel révèlent des perspectives infiniment différentes, toutes liées dans un grand cercle s'étendant à l'horizon et aux sculptures minutieuses taillées par des gouttes de pluie, des flocons de neige et du givre.








It is easy to feel that the pictures are repetitive. Because they are. And the beauty in Bryce Canyon, is the repetition of similar patterns with subtle differences that makes you wonder if the rain droplets chose what to carve!

On a l'impression que les images se répètent. Et c'est vrai. La beauté de Bryce Canyon est justement dans la répétition de ces motifs similaires avec des différences subtiles qui font que vous vous demandez si les gouttes de pluie ont choisi ce qu'elles ont sculptés.

Bryce Canyon

We did not caption these pictures...we hope they convey some of the beauty we discovered on our second visit to this Park. (Click to see our complete two visit collection - 2012 & 2006).

If you wish to see a larger slideshow, please click here and select the Slideshow button on the right.

Nous n'avons pas commenté ces images... nous espérons qu'elles transmettent un peu de la beauté que nous avons découvert lors de notre deuxième visite à ce parc. (Cliquez ici pour voir la collection de nos deux visites 2012 et 2006).

Si vous désirez voir un diaporama plus grand, veuillez cliquer ici et choisir le bouton du "Slideshow" à droite. 


For more information on the Park's geology: Hoodoo formation in Bryce Canyon

For info on the National Park itself: NPS - Bryce Canyon



jeromechboyer@gmail.com (Jérôme - Louise Boyer) Bryce Canyon NP Colorado Plateau Four Corners Utah http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/bryce-canyon Wed, 19 Sep 2012 22:25:58 GMT
Into Kodachrome Basin State Park http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/into-kodachrome-basin-state-park  

From Fruita, in Capitol Reef National Park, we travelled the very scenic Highway 12- All American Road -- it hangs between two canyons and is quite rugged with very few spots to have a coffee or a sandwich! One of the most scenic highway in the US connecting Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon National Parks. 
Louise relaxing in the shade - KodachromeOuf ! Un peu d'ombre...

Our goal is to stay a few days in Kodachrome (RIP) Basin State Park (Utah). It was the National Geographic who asked Kodak permission for using that name, as the park's colours are simply stunning.

We are still on the Colorado Plateau and therefore we can see the same geologic formations as we had in the parks in northern Utah. The colors are more subdued, with a lot of white and pale green and pink. The erosion is different, though and we can now see new formations. This is the Grand Staircase territory. 

Our children and grandchildren may not even know what Kodachrome is...was.

It rained every day. Few pictures, but a place to return and enjoy. Please follow the links for more detailed information.


De Fruita, dans le Capitol Reef National Park, nous avons voyagé sur le Highway 12 - une route typiquement américaine - se trouvant entre deux canyons. Très sauvage, avec peu d'endroit pour prendre un café ! C'est une des routes les plus pittoresques des États-Unis qui joint Capitol Reef à Bryce Canyon.

Nous sommes toujours sur le Plateau du Colorado, avec des formations géologiques semblables aux parcs du nord de l'Utah. Les couleurs sont plus tamisées : blanc, vert pâle et rose. Par contre, l'érosion est différente et nous pouvons voir de nouvelles formations. C'est le territoire du Grand Staircase.

Notre but est de passer quelques jours à Kodachrome Basin State Park. C'est le magazine National Geographic qui avait demandé à Kodak la permission d'utiliser le nom, car les couleurs du parc sont stupéfiantes.

Nos enfants et petits-enfants ne savent probablement pas ce que Kodachrome veut dire... voulait dire.

Il a plu tous les jours. Peu de photos, mais un endroit à revisiter.


jeromechboyer@gmail.com (Jérôme - Louise Boyer) Colorado Plateau Kodachrome Basin Utah http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/into-kodachrome-basin-state-park Sun, 16 Sep 2012 21:09:24 GMT
Capitol Reef - Fruita http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/capitol-reef---fruita After the excitement and joy of babysitting our almost two year old granddaughter Celine, we turned our truck and trailer towards Capitol Reef National Park.

More than the Park, our goal is to relax a few days in Fruita, one of our favorite campgrounds. It picks 5 stars from Trip Advisor, with only electrical service, but plenty of scenery and many options for walking, driving or simply relaxing.

A park for all tastes as one can camp in tents or in garbage truck... carefully redesigned and amenities to last a war. 

Après l'excitation et le plaisir de garder notre petite-fille qui a presque deux ans, nous avons tourné camion et roulotte vers Capitol Reef National Park. Plus que le parc lui-même, notre but est de relaxer quelques jours à Fruita, un de nos campings préférés.  Il a reçu cinq étoiles dans Trip Advisor. Pas d'électricité, mais de beaux paysages et plusieurs occasions de promenades et de détente. Un parc pour tous les goûts, que l'on campe en tente ou dans un camion d'ordures... redessiné avec soin avec tout le confort pour affronter la guerre. 

Man vs TentFruita Deux options pour camper

Fruita is a romantic place, where enjoying good food while the sun sets and the hummingbirds dance around makes the whole experience unforgettable. We will be back. And continue enjoying great meals, like these excellent lamb chops with grilled mushrooms:

Fruita est un endroit romantique, où bien manger au coucher du soleil alors que les colibris dansent autour de nous, en font une expérience inoubliable. Nous reviendrons. Et continuerons à profiter de bons repas, comme ces excellentes côtelettes d'agneau avec champignons grillés :

GtillingMiam, miam... Côtes d'agneau et champignons

jeromechboyer@gmail.com (Jérôme - Louise Boyer) Capitol Reef Colorado Plateau Utah http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/capitol-reef---fruita Sun, 16 Sep 2012 21:08:18 GMT
USANA Convention and Babysitting http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/usana-conference---babysitting From August 12 to August 19, our energies were focused on taking care of Céline, our almost two year old granddaughter, while our daughter Julie was honored at the 20th USANA Convention in Salt Lake City. She was also a speaker at a training session that we enjoyed immensely.

We have set a number of various albums depicting the week. As some of them may not be of general interest, we kept them with a password. (Please ask for it if you are interested.) Here they come!

Du 12 au 19 août, nos énergies se sont concentrées sur prendre soin de Céline, notre petite fille de presque deux ans. pendant que notre fille Julie était honorée au 20ème Congrès international USANA à Salt Lake City. Elle était aussi conférencière dans une séance d'entraînement que nous avons beaucoup aimé.

Nous avons fait des albums présentant cette semaine-là. Comme ils ne sont pas d'intérêt général, nous les gardons avec un mot de passe. (Veuillez le demander si cela vous intéresse.). Les voici qui arrivent !

Daniel "Julie Boyer" CelineArrivée de la petite famille à Salt Lake

Adventures in babysitting

The USANA Convention had over 8,500 visitors from all over the world, Our job was to free Julie from the worries of being a mother --- at least from having a two year old wondering amongst the crowd.

Luckily, there were babysitting area in the Salt Lake City Convention Center, well organized by USANA, and also in the Energy Solutions Arena. We  took her as well to our KOA campground to enjoy the pool.

At the campground - The pool was also well used!

Aventures en garde d'enfants 

Le congrès Usana avait 8500 visiteurs du monde entier. Notre fonction était de libérer Julie de ses iquiétudes de mère --- au moins d'avoir un bébé de deux ans se promenant dans la foulle.

Heureusement, il y avait un endroit pour garder les enfants au Salt Lake City Convention Center, offert par USANA, et aussi un terrain de jeux à Energy Solutions Arena. Nous l'avons aussi amenée à notre camping pour profiter de la piscine.

"Julie Boyer" CelineOn s'amuse bien au camping




Louise CelineMamie prend Céline en flagrant délit de se barbouiller...

Papy CelineAu camping, Papy et Céline











Céline was adorable. We also took her to the convention center:

Céline a été adorable. Nous l'avons aussi amenée au centre des congrès :

Louise CelineLouise pousse Céline dans les grands couloirs du centre des congrès.













and to the playground of the arena: (Lifetime products, as in the folding tables we use. A Utah company!)

et au terrain de jeux du stade : (Produits Lifetime, comme dans les tables pliantes que nous avons utilisées. Une compagnie de l'Utah !)

Celine wondering about her toeCéline veut enlever ses chaussures playgroundTerrain de jeux à l'aréna



















Julie Promotes Prospecting

We were very proud to see Julie presenting with Pat, an old business friend, a strong one hour on:

Julie fait la promotion de la prospection

Nous étions très fiers de voir Julie faire une présentation de plus d'une heure avec son amie Pat :

"art of prospecting"Titre de la présentation de Julie

The delivery was excellent and the content very useful and informative. A great sense of humour! Many were in attendance, and she was applauded heavily by the California delegates! They loved her.

L'élocution était excellente et le contenu très utile et instructif. Un bon sens de l'humour ! Il y avait beaucoup de spectateurs et elle a été longuement applaudie par les délégués de la Californie ! Ils l'ont adorée.

"Julie Boyer"Julie s'apprête à donner sa conférence


Julie is recognized at the USANA Convention

Julie has been with USANA many years, however this year was her best. Not only did she achieved a Gold Directorship, but she also placed in the top 25 associates that grew their business the most!

Julie est reconnue au congrès USANA

Julie est avec USANA depuis des années. Cependant, cette année a été sa meilleure. Non seulement a-t-elle atteint le niveau Or, mais elle s'est aussi placée dans les 25 associés qui ont le plus développé leur entreprise !

"julie Boyer" "USANA Gold Director"Gold Directors








"USANA Growth 25"Growth 25

"Julie Boyer" "USANA Growth 25"Growth 25 avec Julie et Daniel











Parting notes:

For Louise and I, the week was great, totally tiring, exhausting, but we enjoyed the people, especially, Julie's group.

Dernières réflexions :

Pour Louise et moi, ce fut une excellente semaine, totalement fatiguante, épuisante, mais nous avons aimé rencontrer les gens, surtout le groupe de Julie.

Team Game Changers International

Babysitting was easy, Céline is adorable and we were very proud of Julie's achievements.

Garder Céline était facile, elle est si adorable; nous étions aussi très fiers des réussites de Julie.

Random pictures...

Autres images...


USANAConvention Center





  First evening registration...

 Première soirée d'inscription...






CelineCéline fait un beau somme dans un coin tranquille de l'aréna.

Un des grands corridors de l'Arena

Louise, as all USANA distributors in attendance, received a free iPad 2. She is now taming it. 

Finally, it is a good time to rest as we are on our way to Capitol Reef National Park.

Louise, comme tous les distributeurs USANA présents, a reçu un iPad2 gratuit. Elle est en train de l'apprivoiser...

Enfin, c'est le temps de se reposer, en nous dirigeant vers Capitol Reef National Park.


jeromechboyer@gmail.com (Jérôme - Louise Boyer) Salt Lake City USANA Utah http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/usana-conference---babysitting Sun, 09 Sep 2012 14:49:46 GMT
Arches National Park - Parc national Arches http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/arches-national-park---parc-national-arches This is our second visit (the first one in 2006) to the park. For a number of reasons, we feel differently this time. We are in the hot Summer months. And Arches lack shaded areas... The light is also different from Spring or Fall. We are still under the magic of Canyonlands too.

Arches has many great sites and opportunities for taking pictures. The colours are quite diverse, from white (salt) to deep red (sandstone).

C'est notre seconde visite (la première en 2006) à ce parc. Pour plusieurs raisons, c'est différent cette fois-ci. Nous sommes dans les mois chauds de l'été. Et Arches manque d'ombre... La lumière est aussi différente de celle du printemps ou de l'automne. Nous sommes encore sous la magie de Canyonlands

Arches offre plusieurs sites et occasions extraordinaires de faire des photos. Les couleurs sont vraiment variées, de blanc (sel) à rouge foncé (grès).

Colors of Arches

Of course, Arches derives its name from the over 2,000 arches one can find in the Park -- http://www.nps.gov/arch/index.htm

But many of them, when easy to reach, were crowded, still beautiful.

Arches tire son nom des 2000 arches et plus que l'on trouve dans le parc --  http://www.nps.gov/arch/index.htm . Mais plusieurs d'entre elles, quand elles étaient accessibles, étaient remplies de monde, quand même toujours belles.

Crowded Delicate Arch - Arches National Park We experienced two sand storms at the camping. A bit disconcerting as we were confined to the small r-Pod (trailer) two evenings in a row. No BBQ or 5 o'clock drinks outside!

Nous avons subi deux tempêtes de sable au camping. Un peu troublant parce que nous étions confinés dans notre petite r-Pod (roulotte) deux soirs de suite. Pas de barbecue ni d'appéritif de 5 h.

Storm over KOA in MoabLa pluie menace au camping The KOA in Moab under a sand storm. The r-Pod looks really small here!

Enjoy the slideshow! (here or on the site for a larger picture)

Le KOA à Moab sous une tempête de sable. La r-Pod a l'air vraiment petite !

Visionnez le diaporama (ici ou sur le site pour une image plus grande).

jeromechboyer@gmail.com (Jérôme - Louise Boyer) Arches NP Colorado Plateau Four Corners Utah http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/arches-national-park---parc-national-arches Sat, 08 Sep 2012 16:39:48 GMT
Canyonlands National Park http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/second-leg-2-me-tape From Texas to the canyons of Utah, close to 3,000 km... A bit boring as we go across the Great Plains of Texas.
"Canyonlands National Park"

The 2nd instalment are images of our stay in Canyonlands National Park. Rugged, no water, no electricity, but simply a lot (a small word to describe so much) of empty space. See more at: http://www.nps.gov/cany/index.htm.

We were staying in the Island in the Sky campground. Well chosen name - Sunsets and sunrises are great, heat is also great in summer. There were many european visitors, mainly French and Germans.

Du Texas aux canyons de l'Utah, près de 3000 km... Un peu ennuyant dans les grandes plaines du Texas. 

Ce deuxième album présente les images de notre séjour dans Canyonlands National Park. Terrain hostile, pas d'eau, ni électricité, mais simplement beaucoup d'espace vide. Voir aussi http://www.nps.gov/cany/index.htm.

Nous avons couché au camping Island in the Sky. Un nom approprié : Levers ecouchers de soleil, chaleur intense de l'été. Il y avait beaucoup de visiteurs européens, surtout des Français et des Allemands.

jeromechboyer@gmail.com (Jérôme - Louise Boyer) Canyonlands NP Colorado Plateau Four Corners Utah http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/second-leg-2-me-tape Fri, 07 Sep 2012 00:43:40 GMT
How a USANA convention in Salt Lake City led to a 9,000 km trip. http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/how-a-usana-convention-in-salt-lake-city-led-to-a-9-000-km-trip When our daughter Julie suggested we attended the USANA conference in Salt Lake City... and babysit our granddaughter Céline in August 2012, we said sure!

Our trip was a reason to stop en route and visit the five National Parks located in Utah:

  • Arches
  • Canyonland
  • Capitol Reef
  • Bryce Canyon
  • Zion

We also made a stop at Kodachrome Basin State Park... just because we like even numbers.

We are posting today instalment #1: From Morelia, Mexico to San Antonio, Texas.


Quand notre fille Julie a suggéré que nous allions au congrès de Usana à Salt Lake City... et garder notre petite-fille Céline en août 2012, nous avons accepté !

Notre voyage nous a permis de s'arrêter en route et visiter les cinq Parcs nationaux de l'Utah :


  • Arches
  • Canyonland
  • Capitol Reef
  • Bryce Canyon
  • Zion

Nous avons aussi fait un arrêt à Kodachrome Basin State Park...  juste parce que nous aimons les chiffres pairs.

Bon visionnement !

jeromechboyer@gmail.com (Jérôme - Louise Boyer) Colorado Plateau Four Corners USANA Utah http://jeromelouiseboyer.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/how-a-usana-convention-in-salt-lake-city-led-to-a-9-000-km-trip Thu, 06 Sep 2012 02:25:49 GMT