Nous sommes allés au marché des commerçants avec Paco et sa fille pour faire les provisions de la semaine du magasin. Une expérience indescriptible et vibrante dans le plus grand désordre. Les photos ne sont pas super nettes, car je n'avais que mon petit Canon PowerShot en main... Louise -- We went to the shopkeepers' market with Paco and his daughter to get the provisions of the week for the store. An indescribable and vibrant experience in the greatest disorder. These photos are not super sharp because I only had my small Canon PowerShot...Louise

Guestbook for 2014 Abasolo Guadalajara avec Paco, Rosy et Daniel
Henry Huber(non-registered)
My favourite activity in Mexico is to go to the market. I love the one in Morelia every Sunday that opens at the monumento near the house I rent but I go to any market I pass. Great photos of the Guadalajara market and what a great opportunity to go with a merchant.
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