Le musée Pima de l'air et de l'espace à Tucson est l'un des plus grands musées de son genre au monde. -- Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson is one of the largest air and space museums in the world.
TucsonTucsonTucsonHughes OH-6A Cayuse - Light Observation HelicopterColumbia XJL-1 amphibian aircraftDouglas B-18B BoloThe McCulloch HUM-1  is a small two passenger utility helicopter.HUM-1Bell UH-1M IroquoisThe Flaglor Sky Scooter is an all-wood construction, fabric-covered homebuilt introduced in 1967.Waco RNF civil biplaneTucsonREPUBLIC F-105G THUNDERCHIEFMcdonnell Douglas F/A-18A HornetNorth American BT-14A YaleConvair B-36J PeacemakerLockheed C-141B Stralifter. Starlifters saw extensive service in Vietnam.SIKORSKY S-43 BABY CLIPPERFairey AEW MK3 GannetAvro AEW.2 Shackleton