Jérôme - Louise Boyer | 2012 Vancouver Heritage District

Some interesting architecture in Vancouver. The Marine Building is one of the best example of Art Deco in North America.
Vancouver Art GallerySome of the new buildings in downtown2012 - Jérôme in front of an old buildingNice Art Deco at a coffee shop.With Marian, Nick's aunt, at the Terminal City Club.Vancouver 2012The Guardian Warrior, one of 31 terra cotta Chinese soldiers adorning the street of Vancouver. www.terracottawarriors.caThe Art Deco Marine Building (1929)Seahorses and pufferfish decorate the building.One of the tiles depicting maritime history.The walls in the elevators are decorated with elaborate inlaid hardwood of 12 different kinds.Intriguing air grate designDaylight streams through a big stained window at one end of the lobby.Stunning lobbyEntrance doorsThere are five elevators, their doors of solid brass intricately  designed.The ceiling is entirely decorated with ornate plasterwork.Lobby seen from the second floor