Law school, across the streetSec. of Turism - a 1944 building. At the corner of our streetMorelos' plazza. Morelia is named in his honour. A lot of activity here, music, political meetings... A busy place.The church in our backyard, so to speak...Mexican like duress...Walking away from the church towards ave. Madero.Walikng street - schoolgirls...Mexican women (young?) like to be in pictures... just for the fun of it...More of the same... they speak excellent English and are about 16... they want to sell you tickets for a lottery...Coca Cola provided the empties... artists painted them... and Coca Cola will give soome money away for improving arts in Mexico... They have my vote!and Louise agrees...The arches behind are the aquaduct... our main street - a real treat.One of MANY events here,  and we are going to the concert!Our appartment - 1our mountainsThe OFFICE!